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Starrily Antimatter All Purpose Glossy Top Coat Nail Polish Treatment:

Description: Antimatter is a high quality, all purpose, glossy top coat that doubles as a protective base coat.

As a top coat: Apply over your nail polish color to achieve a smooth, crystal clear, glass-like effect each time. As a top coat, Antimatter seals your manicure by forming a resilient chip-resistant barrier to help extend the wear time of your nail polish. 

As a base coat: Apply before painting your nails to help your nail polish last longer, reduce staining, smooth ridges and stay chip resistant longer. 

As a protector: Apply on bare nails to help protect your natural nails from everyday wear and tare. 

Application: Apply 1-2 coats and allow at least 2 minutes to fully dry between coats.

Size: 15 ml / 0.5 fl. oz.

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